Monday, August 17, 2009

My two, not the kids.

I look drunk and pregnant..hmm...I'm not either....I promise, just crazy!!

In January when my life was so bleak and my husband was gone, I made two very large goals. Two things I've wanted to do forever, but for some reason or another was chicken. The first was training and running the marathon....check...

The second was going back to college to get my BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts). There was one very small annoying obstacle that kept me from doing this for ten years...placement exams. I was not afraid of the English because I do just fine in that area, and I read a ton. It was the Math...ohh sore spot...I have avoided finishing my degree because I was afraid that if I took this math test...and totally bombed it...I would suffer. Well last week I decided that this was stupid, and if I failed the stinkin test it just means I need a refresher and will finally learn what I should have in the beginning. I have only one math requirement for my class...that's it.

I had created this test to be Satan himself and it made me put off this really great thing for so many years, but in reality, it was a fifteen question test...that I totally bombed and need to take a refresher course in. On the plus side, I got to enroll in some other courses that had a English prerequisite that I totally nailed...

So lesson of the decade, just take the bull by the horns and get over it. It took me fifteen mins to fail a math test, but the power I received from conquering this demon was more wonderful than finishing the marathon...really... I am looking forward to completing my degree, and with three kids it will take some time. I commit to chip away and get er done!

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nuttbutts said...

I am so glad I found you and your blogs! I never went to school for photography, but I really really want to! I love your style and your holga! I have a holga I am waiting to get film for. You sound so much like me its almost scary!