Friday, June 19, 2009

With His Bare Hands

When I was dating, I always knew that i wanted to get married one day. Despite being told repeatably by my mom not to ever do so. I was never able to date "a little man". I did once...I dated a guy that was my same height and he weighed a little less than me, and I felt so strange. Like he was a little boy or something...anyway. When I first saw Chris I was in love. It was in fact love at first sight. He is this bear of a man. His hands are enormous. I knew that if anything ever happened, he could physically protect and care for our future family. I have seen this man do some pretty amazing things with his strength, and have taken peace with the fact that if it ever comes to it, he could kill and animal with his bare hands. Not to mention anything else we may ever need him to do.

Today Chris returns home after his 8 month hiatus in the "field". He has been gone 8 months....8 months. We did get weekends in there at the end, but it has been so very challenging. I can't even believe that he will be coming home to live here again. I am so grateful for him and all that he sacrificed to advance in his career. It will be well worth the effort he put in. We survived well. We have basically been in survival mode since he left, and it will be fun to finally tackle all of the projects that we had to leave aside when he left. I have a very long list of to do's for him! Very long! If I were him, I would think twice about coming home to that list.

Him being gone has made me really appreciate him more. I am excited to make him meals, and do his laundry. Seriously, I know that's odd, but these once annoying chores have turned into a pleasure, and I am grateful to have a husband to make happy. So give your husbands a big hug today, and complain less about your housework, because in the blink of an eye he can be taken away from you. I assure you you will be painfully lonely in his absence and these things taken for granted will be seen as a treasure...


Anonymous said...

I had no idea he was gone for 8 months at a time!! Wow, you are a great mom and wife!

Melissa said...

Just a one time thing. He will never be asked to do that again. We hung in there just fine, and not its all a memory...LOL