Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now What???

The start of the race...I was so freaked out.

Waiting for the gun to go off.

For the past six months I've been training to run a marathon. It has been the most time consuming thing I have ever done in my life...really. The race was in San Diego. Chris and I decided not to bring the kids (thank you Heather and Mark). It was the first time we have ever been on a trip without kids.

mile three...a walk in the park

Mile eight...still going strong

I have so many feelings about this marathon, but I am a little confused about the way I feel about it. I have never been in so much pain in my whole life. Yes I have carried and birthed three children, and this one beat it by 26 miles...seriously.

This guy juggled the whole marathon...I am happy to report that I finished before him...LOL

When the race was approaching, I questioned whether or not I even needed to run the marathon, because I believe that what I needed to do was the training aspect of it. The training part was so much more intense than the race, but the race was the reward. I learned more about myself during the training than any other time of my life.

There were a ton of guys dressed like made everyone laugh...which we really needed.

When the race started, I was so ready to just get it done. It was a breeze until the half marathon mark. I saw the halfers getting off the course and wanted to go with them. I really didn't have another one of those in me. Little did I know, that the pain was just beginning. Chris met me at five different points during the race and it was wonderful. He said that he walked a total of 14 miles that day, but he didn't get a medal...LOL

Porta potty lines....out of control...

He met me at mile 22, and I was seriously death. My knee that bothered me from day one in the training was not even a issue during the whole race...that was a miracle...seriously. It has bothered me everyday for six months...and not on race day. Prayers were answered. So when I saw Chris on 22, he asked me if I had it in me to finish. I said "of course" I was so lying. I had no interest in finishing this race, but I came so long, that if I had to crawl across the finish line I was gonna do it. He told me later that if I told him that I didn't think I could finish, that he planned on running the last four miles with me...aww...tear....

Me at mile 22. I could have eaten my husbands face.
I hurt more than I ever have in my life...with the exception of later that night...ugh

22 is the point that I started to walk on and off a little. Little to my surprise, walking hurt way more than running. I could feel my legs cramping up starting in my toes and moving up my thighs. Horrible, so I would pick it up and run, then my hip joints would burn...then I would walk... It was a sad sight. At mile 23 I met a girl named Claire. She helped me and I helped her. It was so wonderful to finally have someone to talk to. I am grateful for Claire.

At mile 25 I dug deep and found something in me and sprinted the whole last mile which seemed to be about one minute long. I finished a goal I made over 15 years ago. Out of 20,000 runners, only 13,000 finished the race. That alone was a amazing accomplishment for me. Along with the fact that only 1% of the world population will ever run a marathon. I felt very special when I finished and wore my medal for two days.

That being said, I will NEVER run a marathon again. I really have no desire to run ever again....LOL but I am still in recovery so its not time to make decisions.

The pain after the run was the worst of my life. I am not being dramatic. Nobody told me how bad it would be. Its a good thing, because if I knew I would not have done it. In my training runs, the most I ever ran was 18 miles, which is a lot, but I never felt pain like I did during and after the marathon. People kept saying throughout the marathon, "pain lasts a few hours, but the pride of accomplishment lasts your whole life". I kept repeating that to myself the whole day. I am happy to admit that it is so true. It was a amazing day, and I have learned so much these last six months. I am a happier person these days. I know that if I did this marathon, I can do anything....and I will.

I was in so much pain, that I could barely smile...more like a wince.

Did I answer all of the questions??? Oh my time....although it doesn't matter because your goal on your first marathon should be to just finish the race.....I hoped to finish under 5 hours...I got 5:25...if I kept my pace from the first 22 miles, I would have finished under 5 hours...I just couldn't do it and I am still a rock star....


marc h. (glenview style) said...

The glow from the last picture makes me see why I'm going to continue my training...and the fear in the first makes me wonder if I should.....LOL.

AWESOME! glad to see you follow go get that degree! and I'll see you in august....up for a run? hahahahaha

Amy Craig said...

Way to go!!! I am proud of you! Glad you did it in spite of the pain :) Isn't San Diego beautiful!

The Allgaiers said...

Wow! You are amazing! What an inspiration!

Doug and Rikki Wood said...

You are a Rock Star! Congrats! 5 hours is awesome, it would've taken me 5 days! You look Great!!


Chelle said...

woo hoo! way to go girl. so I'm for sure not going to be the 1% so don't go looking for me on the streets. glad you had fun!

nuttbutts said...

you made me cry! i have had a goal to run a marathon for a long time as well. i hurt my knee and decided to just bike instead until i found out about vibram five fingers and barefoot running. as soon as we move i am going to start running again and next year i want to do a marathon. thank you for writing about it, you are amazing!