Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swim Team Photos

We had swim team photos taken this week. Of course I would never pay for their unimaginative overpriced pictures, so I buzzed around the pool while everyone was standing in line and took my own. The top one is the standard pose all the kids were doing, but I had a chance to get a little creative. I love the way they turned out. and when printed, they will have cost me less than five dollars. I'm so cheap, but I did have to buy the team photo, I felt bad sneaking in and taking one. We are in LOVE with swim team, and hope to have Zander swimming all year round. He loves it so much and is really improving. I decided that when my marathon is seven days....I'm going to start taking swimming lessons. My knees need a break from running. Enjoy my pictures of the little man....and if you are on FB and have already seen them, I'm sorry. My blog is always better tho, cuz I get to write the story along with the pictures...LOL


Sarah said...

We LOVE, LOVE swimming too. But now that we are back in Carbondale, the only team is year round, which means weekend meets, which brings up the whole Sunday issue. Does year round in Texas do it differently?

Melissa said...

year round in Texas is great. No sunday meets. They are very religious down here and respect the sabbath. We do our meets on Saturdays.