Thursday, May 21, 2009

How do you figure?

The other day I was picking Zander up from school and the lady who does the crosswalk stopped me and asked me if I were a runner. I thought.... IDK, I do run, but told her yes I run pretty much everyday. She then said to me, "I always see you running, you're really good". I laughed and said thanks. I've been thinking about that comment lately. what qualifies someone as a "good runner"? Its a ability that everyone has right. Anyone can run from here to there... I'm pretty sure that I look half retarded when I run, so its not my form she was commenting on.

As I thought on, I realized what makes someone a good runner is not the way they look when they run, but that they actually do run. The hardest part of training for a marathon has been the everyday fitting in of the runs. I am basically a single parent when Chris is out of town, and finding time to run has been a nearly impossible task. I've come to realize that training for a marathon is way harder than the actual run...It has to be. I've been training for six months, and the race will only last five hours or so.

All that being said, I am a good runner. I've learned how to completely deny myself of couch time and overcome my natural urges to be completely lazy. It may sound silly. I have learned so much about myself. My self confidence has sky rocketed, but it wasn't exactly lacking either...LOL. I know now that if I can do this, I can and will do all that I set my mind to. The marathon is on May 31st, and I am as ready as one can be. I highly recommend trying to chip away at some goal you've had. The journey is well worth the effort.

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