Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Smells of the Run

One thing I've noticed while running outside is the myriad of smells that I encounter. I first noticed that running has smells on one of my first long run outdoors.
It was such a beautiful day that many people were out on the trails of kingwood running, walking, bike riding, skateboarding, roller get the point. I was about half way through my 10 mile run, when someone walked past me going in the opposite direction...for about five of my steps, I could smell their laundry detergent.
I don't know why, but I though it was funny. There was a trail of their smell following behind them...after this I began to sniff all people I encountered...I could smell cologne, hairspray, fabric softener, cigarettes. then I began to notice, car exhaust, mulch, rotting animals on the side of the road, sonic, burger king, cut grass, bayou, all smells good and bad.
Then I began to wonder as I hit mile nine, what smell was I leaving behind. I'm sure it was not a good one, and now I am ever self conscience of what smells linger from me. As if I didn't already have enough to worry about on this crazy adventure...


Mark and Heather said...

Seriously this post just made me smile/chuckle. Be grateful for those long runs with only yourself..too think..too notice the world around you...and the smells that trail behind:)

Thanks for the smile.

Sarah said...

I am smiling because I clearly remember holding your little Mia when she was only a peanut and dying-she smelt so good and I was so baby hungry it hurt.
I actually asked you what detergent or lotion or cream you put on her and you said nothing!
So maybe that trail you are leaving smells better than you think.

narnianne said...

You're a hoot. Well, at least if you do stink it's because you are running...think about those poor fools who stink just sitting there!! Hope better smells come your way. :)

Melissa said...

Sarah, I so remember that....I really didn't use anything on funny. I hope I don't stink...I'm sure nasty when I'm done tho...yuck!