Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Please Your Man 101

Yes I know he is a raccoon....but work with me here! I have not seen him this happy in a very long fake smile...look....its all real...look in the background to see Elle's reaction to this joy....she is a fickle pickle!

What on earth....Oh boy....yes after two years of silence, Chris started begging me to "allow" him to buy a brand spanking new Harley....Like I care, but I did put up a little fight just to get some favor my way...we women are so evil. Yes it is sad to have him gone so much these days, but that short sacrifice has afforded us the ability to buy fun its even right??? I'm not sure, but its darn fun!


Owen said...


Your new hog rocks! Is that a 1200 sportster? I love the forks, chrome and paint on the gas tank.

I have a little 883c that's been a ton of fun. Nothing is better than riding your Harley.

Live to ride, and ride to live.

Melissa said...

its a soft tail something or other...I think its 1600...IDK tho I'm just a girl...and Chris is not around to ask...