Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Randoms and a surprise at the end!

I haven't talked about it much, but I am still making and selling jewelry. Its a great outlet for me. I made two bracelets yesterday for a friend who's little girls are getting baptized. we call her, is still not walking. Close, but not walking. Needless to say, I have very sore arms these days. She is following suit with the other two. Zander walked at 15 months, and Mia at 16 months. Elle will turn 16 months on the 6th. She's so close, but my kids have a fear of pulling the walking trigger. She has little cuts all over her feet from crawling outside. Beside from refusing to walk, she refuses to wear socks and shoes. She is cute though.

And no I still don't have my new camera, but I couldn't resist the little butt. So cute.

Ok, now here's the big one....I don't want to tell....but I must....Its not good....but not bad....just too much...ok....I'm done....but this is so fun....

The Krantz Family Is Moving To South Carolina...ok I said it out loud. We'll I typed it.
You might be saying, "hold on, didn't you just finishing unpacking your last box from moving this summer?" I would say "yes, why yes I did just unpacked the very last box of randoms that was left over from out move this summer!"

You might also say "well, didn't you just buy a house five months ago?" Why yes, yes we did.

You might then say "why on earth are you going to uproot again and move across the country, again?"

Because for some reason, its what our family is supposed to do. Remember what happened last time we were told to move? I'll answer it for you, Hurricane Ike destroyed our old house.

So as you can see, we've learned not to mess with what we are told to do.

Now the particulars cause I'm sure you're just dying to know, you cannot survive your day not knowing why on earth the Krantz's are moving to South Carolina.

The answer is OIL. We're drilling for oil. Ok, I'm so kidding!

The husband got a promotion a month ago. Well as part of this promotion, he was to be traveling for six months. That's right ladies, six months. Here we are one month in, and life for us is financially awesome, I mean....awesome. But we don't have Daddy. Chris is currently in El Paso aka "The Armpit of Texas". He got a call and was told that the company needs him on a job in Charleston for up to two years. As hard as it will be to move again, this opportunity will further his career so much, and our checkbook so much, that we just cannot say no. So the whole family is South TWO WEEKS! Yeeouch!

I still have that last empty box in the garage, so I'm going to start filling it up today. Oh the irony! It was made official last night...Chris told me that we are going for sure no matter how much I cried and its official.

Any thoughts?