Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Girls and The Hair

They have such a funny relationship. Since my kids are late walkers, and Elle is of course following suit, Mia has developed a game where she carries Elle everywhere. Elle of course loves it. They both just squeal in delight every time Mia picks Elle up.

Its even to the point that when we can't figure out what is ailing Elle, we just have Mia carry her around for a while and all is forgotten. They are such silly girls.

I also can't seem to get over the massive amount of hair the females in our house have. Geesh...I cleaned out the vacuum yesterday, and could have created a cat out of all the hair I pulled out of it...yuck. We absolutely have good hair genes in this family, I don't think Chris has even receded at all in the 10 years I've know him.

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