Saturday, September 13, 2008

We're Alive

Ike came and went. It was so loud and windy. The neighborhood had many trees that fell down. So we spent the day cleaning up. Chris had a chainsaw and cut down many tree limbs. We were so lucky, not one of our seven trees fell on our house, unlike MANY of our neighbors. We have truly seen some carnage. Some of Kingwood lost power. We are told that it will be two weeks until all is restored. People are so crazy, I just don't get it. I'm so happy to have been prepared.

I'm also very happy that we moved to the north of Houston. The house that we moved from suffered extensive damage. A portion of the roof flew off, the ceiling in the master bedroom collapsed and one of the large windows blew out.

I am so grateful for a worthy priesthood holder who knew that we needed to move. We didn't know exactly why it all happened at the time, but we know that this had to have something to do with it.

We hope all of our friends are doing well, and their homes are safe.


Lindi said...

Melissa, I can't believe it. Give your family a big hug for me. I'm so glad you are in the house you are. Lot's of love!!

narnianne said...

I really am glad that you guys did well. I thought we didn't have much damage, just some water stains. Well who knew you needed to gut out all of that wet dry wall and the padding under the carpet. Still aren't as bad as some of the others in our ward, but we aren't in the clear like we thought. Boooo!