Friday, September 12, 2008

It Begins

So here we go! Its starting to get a little dark here. We live in Kingwood if you're following. No winds at all. Its almost eerie how calm it is here. We are only supposed to get 55 mph winds. My only fear is the loss of power. Man there are so many trees here. We have seven trees over 100 feet tall on our lot. Chris bought chainsaw yesterday. Today its plywood and water....tomorrow it will be chainsaws and clean up. The news is showing the devastating pictures of whats going on in Galveston. Rest assured that that has nothing to do with us. We keep getting calls making sure that we are not drowning. We searched out high ground when we bought this house. I ain't no fool. The worst should hit us at 4am. We'll keep the blog updated as we can.


Lindi said...

Thanks for the update!! You guys are in our prayers. We love you all!!! Clint & Lindi Nelson family

The Brown Bunch said...

Hey Melissa-
Just wondering how things went up in Kingwood??? Hope all is well!