Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is It Really Fall?

Is it really fall? I almost can't believe it. Yesterday I saw pumpkins and Indian Corn for sale at Wally World. I guess its time to start working on the Halloween costumes. I have a plan for the girls, but keep coming up short for the boy.

I pulled out all of our "fall" decorations yesterday also. I love doing that. I always seem to find something that I forgot I bought.

Also for some reason fall means crafts to me. I've been very involved in the last few Super Saturdays at the church. Its so fun to create something from nothing and have it cost pennies. I'm working on this quilted canvas thingy. Its hard to explain, but I'll be whipping out the ol sewing machine tonight. Should be good times :( If you know me at all you know that I am sewingly challenged. I'll post a picture of it when I'm done....should be interesting.
Baking too is very fall for me. I always have something baking on the cooler days of fall. Whether it's bread, cookies, cakes. And anything with pumpkin and nutmeg. So good.

Anyway, I just want to wish you all a happy Fall, however you celebrate it.


narnianne said...

Amen!! I LOVE fall. Now if it was only cool enough to break out the sweaters then I would be good! :)


Chelle said...

You still reading? I got another one for you.... The Enoch Letters. Let me know what you think.