Friday, August 29, 2008

Feeding The Ducks

Last night we decide to feed the ducks in our neighborhood. We brought two loafs of bread, and set out for some good times.

There were so many ducks that Mia got a little intimidated. She was so funny to watch. She just loved them. She named a few of them, one Squeaker, one Bill, and of course one Mia

This is what happens when you take your shoes and socks off while feeding ducks. We told her!

We posed for some pictures. This place is so nice.

Mia posed.

Zander posed.


Caldwell Family said...

Looks like the perfect place to call home! =)

Chelle said...

Cute pics!

narnianne said...

I always loved feeding the ducks at the lake by our house so I know that those will be good memories for your kids. Now, if we could just get it to actually start feeling like autumn and having some changing leaves in the background then it would be perfect!