Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Curse That Is Reading For Pleasure

How do I say this..... a year and a half ago my good friend Melissa C. (not B. who lives in Dallas) told me to read this book. Well, I barely squeeze in my scripture reading everyday let alone set aside time to read it. Sure, well after the complete obsession of my many friends and getting over the guilt from not dedicating more time to scriptures. I can not sit on it anymore. I'm going to dive right in. Its not like me to conform.

Chris has been working late lately, and now that the Olympic gymnastics and swimming are over there's not much else to do...right.

So I've embarked on a journey that I know will hook me like a hungry fish. We shall see. But on the positive side they are making this into a movie to be released soon. So if nothing else I'll get a date out of it.

Man its a lot thicker than I thought it was going to be. I ordered it on amazon.

Here's my little milk vampire. I skinned my sad. Mobility is a biach!

Also we almost lost Elle this morning. she found a rogue Sweet Tart. I found a limp Elle. After what felt like forever of beating on her back wondering if this was what I should be doing to save her....the thing flew out along with about a cup of vomit....yum. Needless to say she's alive. I think I will look into CPR a little. Maybe take a class. That was a scary time. She was totally freaked out when she started to breathe again. Then she would not let me go for an hour. So crazy. This on top of a near death experience with another baby in my house (not mine). Is our house cursed??


Chelle said...

You did it now... you've sucked yourself into the Twilight Zone! Sucka! All of them are good, but so worth reading just to get to the 4th and final. Breaking Dawn... my favorite!

You definately need to take a CPR course! So, so scary. Doing it on adults in a hospital atmosphere is one thing. Seeing your own precious struggling is something else, I can only imagine.

More pictures of the house progress!!

narnianne said...

Crazy in the head!! Ok, I'm not bringing my baby over to find out if your house is cursed or not! ;) wink, wink.