Thursday, July 10, 2008

TV Free Family

At this very moment our home is a TV Free Zone. Hopefully for just a few moments! We sold both, yes both of our did this happen you might ask. Well, we put our large TV on craigslist to be sold because it is too large for our new floor plan, and Chris has this dream of mounting one over the fireplace. Well the response was SO great from craigslist, we also sold our 32" flat screen to someone wanting the bigger one. Thus paying for our new bigger and better flat screen that will be placed over our fireplace. Chris is at the store now buying it. So for the next few moments, we are a TV free home. I've already tried watching a DVD on the computer, but I can't figure it out. There is a odd sense of panic that keeps running through me. Like we've run out of water or food. I can't seem to shake it, thus solidifying the fact that I am addicted to TV!

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narnianne said...

I will not hide the fact that I would go crazy without the t.v. It's my way of not having to think sometimes or having to keep an eye on the kids while I try to get something done. I think my eye would start to twitch if I had no t.v. or diet coke!

Holli :)