Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where's Elle?

With the Mia drama going on, I haven't posted about Elle lately. Well the milk vampire is doing well. She has gotten in her two bottom teeth, the two next to those, and her upper eye teeth. She truly looks like a vampire now. She is all over the place. She can crawl, walk on her hands and feet, pull up on everything and cruise on it. She never stops moving or talking. She can kiss and blow a kiss, say mama, dada, num num (food), ya ya (I think this one is Zander). She squeals in delight, rocks to a beat, sleeps so great. She loves the pool and playing in the bath. She eats everything, food or not. I'm sad to say though I believe she has my temper. She is by far the most active baby we've had. And as the days pass she is less and less a baby, and more and more a toddler. She will be turning 1 in two months. I already have the cake planned all out. I'm sure she will go to town. The other two just threw it on the floor.

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narnianne said...

She really is one of the cutest kids EVER!!! I can't believe that she'll be a year...where did the time go?!!