Monday, June 30, 2008

The Move

Wow, I've been offline for two days and I feel so disconnected to it all.

The Last 48 Hours
We FINALLY closed on our house on Friday morning
Got all of the carpets cleaned
Finished packing the old house
Filled up the truck (thanks to our friends who helped on both ends)
Unpacked the truck
Met the neighbors
Began the process of redoing this house
Many trips to home depot
Many paper cuts from unpacking boxes
Cold showers due to a water heater problem (thank you home warranty!)
Went to church (how on earth did I manage to get the kids dressed with our life in boxes?)
Cleaning cleaning cleaning
picking paint colors
Filling holes and sanding
Figuring out all of the new noises
Sleeping in a new room
Did I mention unpacking boxes?
Enjoying the fact that we are homeowners
Planing planing planing
Getting lost in our new town
Looking out our new windows
Getting cable installed for three hours
Putting Eucalyptus EVERYWHERE
Saying good-bye to the many broken items form the move
Moving furniture again and again and again

We have been having so much fun in our house. It has so much character inside and out. We can't wait to make it our own. Keep posted for some pictures, where is that darn camera?

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The Brown Bunch said...

Busy times! :) So happy to hear you got all moved in - and we can't wait to see pictures! Also... we need a new phone number for you!!!