Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mia Turned Four!

How did this happen? My baby, who is not a baby anymore, has turned four. When it comes to Mia, the phrase opposition in all things really applies. She's just as wonderful as she is evil! We spent the day swimming, then we went out to eat at her favorite restaurant where the waiters sang to her. She died of embarrassment, as we knew she would, but she asked if we would have them sing. Finally we went home opened presents and ate this beautiful wonderful homemade cake....ha ha. She felt so special all day, just as she should have. She keeps asking me "how old am I, I forget?" I think its so cute. Her favorite gift was a baby doll that grows teeth. I told her we already have one of those in the house, but she wanted her own. When asked what was her favorite present, she said "I love all of them!" Too sweet!

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