Friday, April 18, 2008

The Crawfish Boil

Meet Maxie. This is/was Zander's new friend. Last weekend the block had a craw fish boil. You may have heard of this before. You buy tons of living craw fish (where we're from they are called crayfish). Next you clean them. Then you submerge them in gallons of peppered boiling water with onions and potatoes. Then you pour them out on a table covered with newspapers and proceed to pick off their shell and limbs in search of a tiny morsel of meat. Sound fun? Needless to say I brought my own grill and steaks. I couldn't be bothered with the picking and eating of the sea roach.

Well the neighborhood kids each adopted one and named it. This is Maxie. I had to explain over and over again how we were going to cook and eat Maxie. Zander seemed ok with it.

Here he is eating Maxie. Not sure how healthy this is mentally, but he didn't care. Zander actually loved the craw fish, and ate my portion of them. I could not believe it. This is a kid who won't eat red sauce on noodles. Not that he's too picky, but come on, this is the roach of the sea.
Disclaimer: That is not Christopher's beer in the picture, he was drinking soda. Just thought you would like to know that.
All of that work and you get this.....I'll take a steak over that any day. Apparently this is true southern eatin', I'll stick to my pizza and Italian beefs!


Lindi said...

Cook a steak for me girl. I'm with ya, I couldn't touch those things. Love that Zander can though!!!

Chelle said...

I don't like eating anything I have to work that hard for! Hey, you looked like a regular pro on the rink tonight!