Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lost Tooth

After about a month of wiggling, it has fallen out. Zander is so proud! Unfortunately, Mommy and Papa were in Chicago when it happened and missed it all. So sad....the boy is growing up. If you look carefully, you can see his adult tooth coming in. The tooth fairy was going to visit tonight, but Zander said that he wants to keep it.....not so sure what to do about this one. He said that he wants a few more days with it....yes this is odd to us also. Then he asked if Mommy was the tooth fairy, and if so can he get his money, and the tooth back. Can't put much past this kid. Mommy told him he can have two more days with it, then we needed to give it to the fairy already! So strange!

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Clint & Lindi said...

He's not old enough to be missing teeth??? I can't believe it. I hope you can hang on to your other teeth for awhile Zander while I grasp this growing up stage!! Take care guys!! LINDI NELSON